Projet Pilote

Micro-distillery & Micro-brewery in Plateau Mont-Royal

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Business Story


Projet Pilote was founded in 2021 by Guillaume Drapeau, thus creating the only bar in Montreal where you can taste spirits made on-site.


Thanks to Guillaume's ingenuity in creating gins and fruit brandies, and the innovation of having barrels directly connected to the tanks, the offering, though currently limited, promises rapid expansion with nearly twenty beers in preparation.


Projet Pilote combines the delicious dishes of Chef Léon Buser-Rivet, the perfect pairings of Sommelier Jean-Patrick Sturgeon, and the genius of Mixologist Justin Presseau, thereby showcasing exquisite products with every visit.

Spirits made on-site

Beers brewed on-site

Local and organic purchasing

Chic and minimalist decor

Projet Pilote

980 Rachel E St, Montreal, QC H2J 2J3

(418) 425-0203