Puyjalon Distillery

Micro-Distillery on the North Shore of Quebec

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Business Story


In 2018, Mario and his associates decided to embark on the adventure. Proud of their region located north of the 50th parallel, the North Shore, and more specifically the Mingan archipelago, they wanted to reflect the richness of this northern environment overflowing with aromas, flavors, and character in their products, distilled with passion and expertise.


The Betchwan gin, one of their most popular, contains 13 botanicals, 8 of which come from their region: North Shore juniper, dune pepper, sweet gale, Labrador tea, Scotch lovage, dried chaga, red bilberry, and cloudberry. These define this gin with its myriad of aromas.


Since 2022, Puyjalon also makes beer.

Locally crafted

Complex spirits

Distinctive approach

Distinctive flavours

Puyjalon Distillery

1180 Rue du Fer, Havre-Saint-Pierre, QC G0G 1P0

(418) 425-0203