St-Laurent Distillery

Distillery in Rimouski

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It all started with "tests" in a basement in Rimouski, where two stubborn friends disregarded conventions and drew inspiration from their terroir to passionately create distinctive spirits.


From a ridiculously small distillery came a gin infused with seaweed that is ridiculously good and unique.


Today, in addition to St. Laurent Gin, the distillery produces Whisky with local grain as well as Acerum — a brand-new class of spirit derived from the distillation of maple syrup.

Innovative, authentic, and unique products

Entirely artisanal spirits

Regional raw materials

Relentless passion and dedication

St-Laurent Distillery

135 Du Père Nouvel N avenue, Rimouski, Quebec G5M 1L6

(418) 425-0203